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Shojo Animanga Stamping Community

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Good day! It seems you came across a recently created stamping community for shojo manga and anime. What is a stamping community? A community where you fill out an application and answer questions for other members to vote on about which character they think you are most like in a particular category. You can be voted as a number of things, such as characters from books, movies, or television shows; as animals; or in the case of certain Harry Potter related communities, which of the four school houses they should be in. At the end of a certain amount of time (ranging from days to weeks), the maintainers "rate" the original poster and that ends the voting. Well, that's about it. Even though our community works a little differently than the rest, because we don't have a regular application. You can just go ahead and apply for any theme (they're always open too).

List of our themes so far.


cinemastamps furuba_rate khreborn_rating shoujo_battle
vgamesmirror dissidia_rating kmusic_mirror tvstamping
smrating cartoon_stamps shounen_mirror general_anirate
mockingjaystamp vgames_stamps crystallis_rate

1. Be Polite, no flaming.
2. You're allowed to have no more than two applications up at a time.
3. You must be a member to post and vote.
4. Don't forget to bold your votes!
5. Put the name of the theme you're applying to in the subject line.
6. You do not have to be stamped to vote.
7. You will be stamped after five votes or one week.
8. If you aren't content with your stamp, you may apply for a restamp after a week of being stamped.

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Social capital

  • less than 10